Friday, July 18, 2014

Delicious Friday Favorite for July 18- What's your favorite?

Welcome back! How was your week? I've been busy at work creating a new design for this website. Can't wait for you all to see it soon! What have you been up to?
This week's Friday Favorite is Nicole from Confectionalism! She shared a great Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream recipe- perfect for those hot summer days (if you aren't buried in all this rain!). It looks amazing!

We're sharing your recipe all around Nicole! Thanks for linking it up with us. Be sure to check out her site for all kinds of great recipes! Now on to the link up!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's for Dinner: Theme Days

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Did you try the Baked Green Chili Tacos last week? They were so good and definitely the most talked about recipe. What's for dinner this week? I'm using simple themes each day to help me plan out my week. What themes do you usually have in your weekly line up. Without even trying, there is always a Mexican night in my house.

Be Smart Thursday- Not only am I making dinner tonight but I'm making extras so I can easily create a dinner later in the week. Plus I can bring out the fruit bowl for snacks and at other meals. We can grill the chicken out side too which makes me happy with the heat outside. Add this chicken on top of a salad!
Find the Easy Garlic Ginger Chicken here (4 limes used)
Check out the Fruit Bowl recipe here

How you will save:

Fun Friday- I love having fun at dinner. We pick a night a week to just enjoy and not pick at each other's manners. We especially love doing Silly Supers! Such simple ways to turn a routine thing into something really memorable. Fondue is a family favorite. I love how I can put out tons of fruit and veggies and watch it be demolished. I also clean out the fridge on these nights- all the leftovers that have been picked over go great with a meal like this. I use this fondue recipe but instead of Worcestershire sauce I just add some extra seasoning like salt or even just some season salt. Try it with different cheeses for different tastes.

How you will Save:

  • Earn 50 cents back on shredded cheese with Checkout 51
  • Peppers, blueberries, pears, oranges, cherries, kale, and more are a great price at Sprouts this week!  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Perfect Summer Day in Canon City

So, you have a free day and are looking for a fun, unique way to spend it while staying close to home and making lots of great family memories.  Canon City, nestled in the mountains of Colorado is the perfect answer for your stay-cation dilemma.  A perfect summer day in Canon City is one filled with breathtaking views, amazing adventures, beautiful music, and sweet treats.  Here are five ways to enjoy a perfect summer day while visiting.
Steve Shames Photos
1. Skyline Drive
      Taking a drive along Skyline drive is the perfect way to start your summer day.  You can watch the sun rise over the beautiful mountains surrounding Canon City.  This three mile drive is a narrow, one lane drive along the edge of the city bluffs.  There are spectacular views and a few narrow turns to get your blood pumping in the morning.  It's worth the time to start your day off right, as the mountain views are worthy of the short drive south of town.

Finding Joy Around Us

2. Royal Gorge Railroad
      Now that you're awake and ready for the day's adventure, take a trip on the Royal Gorge Railroad.  The railroad is a three hour ride through the Royal Gorge canyon.  You will enjoy beautiful mountain scenery, wildlife in their natural habitat, and views from under one of the ten tallest suspension bridges in the world.  You can watch all the adventure from their open air car so it will give you an up close and personal experience, or you can have a delicious breakfast while enjoying the scenery from the vista dome.

American Adventure Expeditions
3. River Rafting
     After you've ridden the train up the river, it's time to get wet and enjoy the ride from the other side.  Rafting down the Arkansas River is a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon.  There are thrills, and chills, and even a few spills to keep you excited and having fun throughout the day.  Canon City has several different companies with lots of great deals so you can take the whole family for a great day of rafting and memory making.

Finding Joy Around Us
4. Entertainment in the Park
     After spending a day on the river, you're ready for a relaxing evening sitting on the lawn and listening to some great music.  Fortunately, we've got you covered.  Every Tuesday summer evening, great musicians entertain Veteran's Park visitors with a free musical concert.   Pull up your lawn chair, visit some of the food vendors, and then relax and enjoy some oldies, some country, or some blue grass music depending upon the night.  You'll be glad to mingle with new and old friends under the stars.

Finding Joy Around Us
5. The Cup and Cone Ice Cream Parlor
     What's a summer evening without a visit to an old fashioned ice cream parlor? After all, summer wouldn't be complete without a tall triple-decker ice cream cone, a big banana split with your favorite flavors, or some out of this world frozen ice cream dots.  The Cup and Cone Ice Cream Parlor is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy reminiscing about the great summer memories that you made while visiting Canon City, Colorado.

Kim blogs at Finding Joy Around Us where she finds the hidden gems in her small town while moving around  the country as a BOP wife.  Follow along on my family's adventure on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Time to Share Your Friday Favorites for July 11

Hope everyone had a fabulous Independence Day weekend! We certainly enjoyed ours! Thanks for coming back for another week of Friday Favoirtes!

I'm looking forward to seeing all your best posts this week! Before we get started though, its time to highlight Laura's and mine Friday Favorite:
Working Mom Magic

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Whats for Dinner? Summer Menu

The post does include some affiliate and referral links. However, I only share the things that I love. Thanks for supporting this site!

The question that really makes me cringe is "What's for dinner?" You've all heard it before. I read it all the time across social media. Its the one question everyone asks all the time and the answer is constantly changing. I already answered that question about a bazillion times, do I really have to answer it again? Yes because, guess what? We have to eat everyday. Funny how that works. So here I am, answering that question for you. The great news is not only am I answering what's for dinner, I'm also going to show you how to save money on what's for dinner in this menu and show you how to tailor it to your needs. Pretty awesome, right? Well, let's get to it!
FYI: Most recipes I will recommend will also be nut, soy, corn, and gluten free. That's what my household needs but you can easily change this menu to fit yours (I'll show you how).

The summer is all about salads for me because you can pick it straight from your garden and you don't have to cook more food! I'm all about keeping the heat off as much as possible.
Find the Baked Green Chile Turkey Tacos recipe here.

How You Can Save:

  • Buy Tostitos Tortilla Chips- on sale at King Soopers and get 25 cetns back with Checkout 51
  • Download the King Soopers e-coupon for $1 off 2 packages of JENNIE-O ground turkey. Turkey is cheaper and healthier.
  • Or buy Food Should Taste Good chips or Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips instead of tortilla chips to earn money back on Saving Star

Monday, July 7, 2014

Travel Tip: What To Do When Traveling and Someone Gets Sick

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Doctor On Demand, however, all opinions are my own.

Its inevitable. When you don't bag the milk, it leaks all over your car and when you are the least prepared, someone get sicks. The worst is when you are on vacation far away from any comforts of home. You have a couple of choice when this happens:
  1. Try calling your usual physician and hope he or someone can actually talk to you
  2. Go to the ER
  3. Find an Urgent Care
  4. Use Doctor On Demand
Save time and frustration with Doctor on Demand
The ER and even Urgent Care is too expensive if its just something that can be taken care of at a usual doctor visit. Plus you will waste hours of vacation time just waiting to be seen. If I call my usual doctor, the chances of talking to someone right away are slim. Usually you have to wait a while for them to call you back. All things that lead to frustration and a ruined vacation. That's where Doctor On Demand comes in. 

Home Screen for Doctor on DemandSymptoms for Doctor on Demand
Doctor On Demand is a quick and easy Video Call you can make using your smartphone or tablet. Its a free app that you can download in the Google Play Store or on iTunes (use the promo code "CO14" for $10 off your first visit!). Once you register (which takes less time than in the office), simply fill out the symptoms and enter in any current allergies and meds. If you have a rash or something you need to show the Doctor, you can include a picture of it. Once that is complete, simply click "Call Now" to start your appointment. Its only $40 for a 15 minute video or audio call. That's basically the cost of a copay which is pretty great considering I didn't have to wait a week or more to get in. Within minutes you are connected with an experienced, US board certified Doctor. Within minutes! Which means you can get back to your vacation ASAP.

Dr. on Demand
I was pretty happy to try out this app. I called about a question for my son. The Doctor had already reviewed the notes I provided when she answered. She asked just a few more questions to clarify. Within 3 minutes I had all the information I needed. It was fantastic! I liked being able to still see the Doctor- it felt just like I was in the office (although you can opt for just audio instead of a Video Call). I spent 5 minutes total when it normally would have taken me at least 1 1/2 hours. Talk about a lifesaver even when you aren't on vacation.
Doctor On Demand is great to use for things like:
  • A cold, cough, flu, allergies
  • Rash, Pink eye, hay fever
  • Asthma, bladder infections
  • Pediatric questions
  • Most cases that are not life threatening
  • Prescriptions refills
  • Referral to a specialist
I love that you can get prescription refills this way- what a time saver! Obviously, don't use Doctor On Demand for more serious conditions like broken bones, chest pains, seizures, poisoning, and a serious head or back injury. A little while after my call, I received a phone call from their customer service department making sure I had all my questions answered since my phone call was so short. I love that they called to ask and I love even more that all my questions were answered in such a short amount of time. The one thing I would change, however, is I would have liked to be in control of ending the call. While I didn't have any more questions (I was just saying Thank You), I would have felt better if I was the one to end the call- especially since I had so much time left.

Download the Doctor On Demand app using promo code "CO14" and you'll receive $10 off your first call! Available at Google Play Store or iTunes

Also keep an eye out on our Facebook page and Google+ Community Page for some chances to win a free call!

We want to celebrate the fact that you can now talk to a board certified Doctor (on demand!) from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the Doctor On Demand app.... with a great giveaway.
The $200 Target Gift Card Giveaway will end on July 22nd. It is open to US residents, 18+ only. Please use the Giveaway Tools Form below to enter! Good Luck!
Disclosures: The participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Giveaway is open to US residents, age 18+ only. The giveaway will close at 11:59PM EST on 7/22/14. One winner will be selected randomly from all eligible entries. If you have any questions about this giveaway or would like to inquire about group events like this, please contact the Blogging Mamas Network at

Friday, July 4, 2014

Come Join Friday Favorites! (July 4)

Happy Independence Day! I hope you able to celebrate with fun, family, and grateful hearts today. I am so grateful to live in a country with great freedoms!
Thanks to my new Instagram friends- I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures this holiday weekend! This week I have a Twitter party for you too. I look forward to connecting with you there.
This week's Friday Favorite is a great article about Mom Reality from Just a Touch of Crazy! A lot of us can relate to their recent post about failure. Leilani and Emily write together about their crazy adventures as Moms. I love their sense of humor and their honesty. Go check them out and send them some comment love!